Sunday, April 12, 2009

Wow its been way to long!!!!!!!

Easter weekend. We drove up to Snowflake Thursday morning and when we got to the rim there was no snow. We came home on Saturday afternoon and it started pouring down snow , so we decided to get out and have some fun and take pictures. It was cold but we had fun. Then Sunday we had dinner with my parents. Hope everyone had a good easter.

Diamond Backs game with Tyler and David. I was so mad we lost the game. But it was still fun.

Eldon and Jason's Birthday up in Snowflake. The McCray family.

We went to Canyon Lake with Blake and April to have dinner. It was so good. We made biscuits and gravy.

Valentines Day- Me, Kendal, Paul, Andrea, Lana and Jeremy. We all went out to sycamore creek and had dinner and smores. It was a lot of fun just relaxing and chit chatting with each

Here we are goofy golfing with Tyler. He doesn't like his picture taken. But oh well i still got one.

We went to a Bonfire with Paul and Celeste and about 30 other people. It was so fun. Thanks for inviting us guys.

We went up to Snowflake in January and went Snowboarding for the weekend.