Friday, November 27, 2009

Family Pictures

Sunday we had dinner with my family. We did it early because my mom was going to be out of town on her elk hunt. Then we went and did some family pictures. Then on Thanksgiving Day Kendal's family came in to town. We had a great weekend hope every one else did.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wedding and Halloween

On October 23rd Sarah and Craig got married in the Mesa Temple. It was such a beautiful day. We are so happy for them and we are glad Craig is in our family now. We hope they have a wonderful life together. Then we had a Halloween party at Paul and Celeste house. It was so much fun. Before we went over to there house we were at my parents visiting with them, my nieces, nephews, sister, Nana, Uncle Harry and Aunt Lisa. It was good to see them. They came down from Utah. Uncle Harry did my face paint. We had a lot of fun with our family and friends.
Matt and Kaylee

Paul and Celeste
Cute little Maycee, Blake and Paul
April the Pirate
Blake, Paul and Kendal
Kristina and Celeste
Jordan and Rachel
Kendal, Kristina, Harry and Lisa
Kristina, Kendal, Michelle, Tatum, Seth and Kaylynne
You can't see us.............. Kristina and Kendal
Kaylynne, Michelle and Mom
Kristina and Cody
Dad and Nana
Seth and Kristina
Kristina and Kaylynne
Uncle Harry and My Dad
Kristina and Tatum
I love this picture Me and my hubby
Jason, Sarah, Kendal and Eldon
Emily, Jason, Eldon and Kendal
All the boys holding Craig up at the temple
We have been friends for such a long time and now we have been sister in laws for a year now. I want her to know i love her to death and she has helped me in so many ways.
Sarah and Craig AwWWWWWWWWW
Kristina and Kami
Kristina and Kendal

Wow where did OCTOBER go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

October was a very busy month for us. We had a birthday party for my brother he is 32 crazy and also my sister turned 30, 2 weeks prior to him. Kendal wasn't at the party he was out with a friend. Then Grandpa Stratton passed away. It was so hard to see him go. He was a wonderful man to everyone even if he didn't know you. We went to Jason's homecoming foot ball game in Snowflake. Sarah and Craig got married. They are such a cute couple. Then Halloween. Pictures to come.
My handsome husband in Grandpa's cowboy hat.
Emily, Me and Sarah at the church after the funeral.
Kristina and Kendal at the grave site.
All the brothers Eldon, Kendal and Jason

Grandma and her daughters
All the sons carrying their dad
This was hand drawn by pen by a guy in Snowflake on the casket.
Grandma, Kendal, Kristina and Grandpa. R.I.P Grandpa we miss you very much. You know how great you is. That was one of his favorite lines.

Me and My Hubby watching Jason play
#55 GO LOBOS They won.
Maddie and Kristina

All the siblings Kristina, Michelle and Gene. I'm the youngest.
Party time. David, Gene and Bobby
Mom, Gene and Dad