Friday, November 26, 2010



Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. We sure did. Nice to get with the family. Well not a lot new here. I am 32 weeks now. I only have about 6 to 8 weeks left until my little girl is here. I can not wait to be a mom. This month has been a crazy month. November 5th we celebrated our 2 Year Anniversary. I had a baby shower. Cody my nephew turned 7 and then Thanksgiving....

Part of the babies room......
Shower- Michelle, Kristina, Mom and Maddie

Kristina, Fran and Dad

Kristina and Chelsea

Opening Gifts

Sami, Kristina and Ashley

Mom, Kristina and Julie mother in law

Kaylynne, Cody and Seth.... Cody turned 7

The gift we gave Cody but I was having to much fun with it.

Kendal, Cody and Kristina

Cody, Kaylynne, Tatum and Seth playing pin the tail on the Donkey
All of us girls that are pregnant.. Celeste, Kristina, April and Brittany... In order of due dates.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Life is Great.........

Wow its been a while since I have updated my blog. Everyone has been telling me I need to post my belly picture so here it goes. From Top to bottom. A lot of pictures sorry... We had birthday parties and hanging out with friends, elk hunt, wedding, and going to the lake which is my favorite place. When we went to the lake I was 6 months pregnant and I got on the tubes and I also wake surfed which everyone was shocked that I got up but it was so fun. They were easy on me.
Im 26 weeks in this picture. I love Kendals face... Priceless 24 weeks
We went to the lake with our good friends Dale and Claire. We went on tubes and the wake surf.

Dale and Claire



Kristina and Heather

Claire and Kristina

Ren and Emilys wedding.....

I shot my elk in August. Shot her at 30 yards she ran 20 and dropped. We gutted her then dragged her 50 yards it was an easy hunt. My dad is a good scouter. He made sure where they were crossing. Thanks again dad... Kristina, Mom and Dad

Kristina and Kendal

My cousin Hunters farewell...

Dedication to Grandpa Stratton at the rodeo in Taylor. It was so amazing. We miss him dearly.

Phil, Becky, Kristina and Kendal.

The McCray family besides Jason.

Maddies bday party... Michelle, Gene, Maddie, Kristina, Kendal and Talan..

Friday, August 20, 2010


We went in on August 11, 2010. We found out it was a girl. We were both kind of shocked. She is one stubborn little thing. She did not want us to know she was a girl. She kept her legs tightly closed. We are due January 15th. She has such long arms and legs. It was cool to be able to see her in my tummy. She weighed about 7 oz. We can not wait to meet her. Pictures to come soon. I have to use my moms computer cause are lap top broke.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Im so bad at this thing.......:)

Well for all of you that dont know I am 14 weeks pregnant. We are so excited and can not wait to have this bundle of joy. We are due in the middle of January. This pregnancy is going so fast. I have been feeling great. We are so grateful for all the support from our family and friends. It was fun hanging out with my mom and grandma because she finally came home but then left again to Utah. We miss her dearly. We also got to go to California and go to Universal Studios with our good friends Joe and Jessica. We had a lot of fun. It was a must needed vacation. Hope all is well with everyone. I will try and be better updating....

Monday, April 26, 2010

Its been so long... heres what we have been up to.

We have been doing so much lately. We went up to Prescott for a couple days with Kendals family for a little vacation. We had a lot of fun at his aunt Margies cabin. Then two weeks later we drove up to Utah with our good friends Jay and Brittany. We stayed with my aunt Marilyn.
We had a blast even though it was a long drive. On Saturday we went to a Brazilian restraunt, it was really yummy. We got to go to the Sunday afternoon session it was Kendals first time at conference. We also got to go see President Hinckley's grave site and some other presidents it was neat to see. Then we went to Kendals little brother Jasons track meet in Thatcher. We stayed with Grandma and Grandpa McBride. We got to meet Emilys Fiance Rens family. We have been doing really good. Just staying busy.