Saturday, September 19, 2009


So we headed up to Snowflake for Labor Day weekend. The traffic was bad going up and coming back down. We had a great time. We went to the Whiplash races. My friend TK and Brandon McNeil were in the races and also my brothers best friends little boy Chase was too. It rained a lot that weekend but it was still fun. We went and visited Grandpa Stratton in the hospital he had a heart attack the week. He is doing a lot better but will be having surgery the end of this month. We also got our furniture for our new house. Being bored in traffic. So we took pictures.
Sarah, Carli, Emily and Jason at Phil and Beckys

Becky, Grandpa Stratton and Phil

Good old Grandpa Stratton. He was telling jokes and flirting with the nurses.

Phil, Kristina, Kendal and Emily at the hospital

My little nephew Talan. All excited to go for a ride.

Kendal and Eldon watching the races

Talan and Maddie

My little boy friend Chase, Kristina and Talan all Talan wanted that weekend was me.

Brandon McNeil racing in the Red truck.

TK racing

Kendal, Kristina and Talan up bright and early

Gene getting ready to take off

Kristina and my little buddy Talan

Brandon racing