Sunday, July 17, 2011

Mixed emotions

I forgot to say in my last post that my little Audrey has to get a helmet for her head. The doctor said that towards the end of my pregnancy she was probably on my pelvis really hard. So one side of her head is way flatter than the other. I will find out more Tuesday> Hopefully only a month or two that she has to wear it. We shall see. I have just been trying to hold my head up with the two things she has to go through the next couple months. I am grateful to have the gospel in my life that helps me stay strong and have faith.

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Shannon said...

Your little one is so cute! My niece's baby just got his helmet off and it seemed to just fly by for it will be okay. They even got to get him one that looked like a BYU football helmet. Haha So many things they can do for babies modern medicine. Stop by when you come to town!
Love, your other momma.